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     A Police Officer of the City of Willimantic represents the City and performs duties affecting the safety and security of the community. The process of selecting people for employment as Police Officers is extremely important and includes several parts. The process is described below. Please read through the entire description. It includes valuable information about what will be required of you during this process. Review the REQUIREMENTS at the bottom of this page to ensure that you meet the standards before applying. No part of the testing process requires any prior knowledge of law enforcement.

     If at any time, you have a question concerning the procedures used for this examination, please contact the Administration. We appreciate your interest in working for the Willimantic Police Department. At this time, applications are being accepted on a continual basis.

Entry Level Application Process

1.) The first step in the application process is to schedule and pass the Law Enforcement Council (LEC) Written Examination. Please visit the link below for instructions on scheduling both tests.

PoliceApp.com - Willimantic Police Department

2.) Once PoliceApp.com is updated with your record of passing the exam, you may then APPLY using the same link as above.

3.) The top group of applicants passing the written test will be sent an information packet to be completed, including a short written essay. They will then be asked to participate in an oral panel examination. The candidates who obtain the highest combined written and assessment scores will be eligible to continue onto the next steps of the process.

     NOTE: All others passing the examination will be placed on an eligible list, which means that they may be considered again during the year if any vacancies for Police Officer occur. The names on the certification list shall be forwarded to the Police Chief, who is the hiring authority.

4.) The Police Department will conduct thorough background investigations on those candidates on the certification list, which includes checking work, school, personal references, military and police records, and other sources as necessary. It will include a polygraph and psychological test. Participation in illegal activities, including drug use, will be investigated regardless of whether those activities resulted in conviction of a crime. Results of this investigation will have a major impact on whether or not you are hired. The Chief of Police has the discretion to hire anyone from within the certified group who is not disqualified based on background or other test results.

5.) A post-offer physical examination, which includes a test for drugs of abuse, conducted by the City's physician, will also be required of finalists. At that time, if you wear glasses, you must provide a certificate from your optometrist, stating your corrected vision in each eye.

6.) Finally, upon being selected as a potential candidate for Police Officer, you will be required to attend and graduate a Connecticut Police Academy. Visit the link below for a basic overview of what to expect when attending the local Connecticut Police Academy (POST) for Basic Training.

Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST-C) Basic Training

Lateral Transfer Application Process

     For Connecticut Certified Police Officers looking to transfer, the application process is simple. Please compose an email to (rbuckner@willimanticpolice.org) containing the following information: Prior law enforcement experience (dates and locations), any relevant LE certifications, and a brief paragraph explaining why you wish to depart your current agency and join our agency.

     A copy of our current contract may be provided upon request.

Out Of State Certified Officers

For applicants who hold a current and valid Out of State certification, please follow the application process for Entry Level hires and indicate your credentials in the application. You may be required to attend specific classes at the POST-C academy. 


To qualify for police officer certification in Connecticut, an applicant must meet all relevant entry level standards as enumerated in Section 7-294e of the Connecticut General Statutes, and the regulations of the Police Officer Standards and Training Council, which are:

  • Be a citizen of the United States
  • Be at least 21 years of age by time of employment
  • Possess a valid motor vehicle operator's license
  • Not have been convicted by a court of any felony, any class A or class B misdemeanor, or have committed any act which would constitute perjury or false statement

You will also be required to meet the following standards prior to employment:

  • Have passed a validated written entry test
  • Have passed a physical agility test administered by the Willimantic Police Department (CHIP card also accepted). Click here to view the standards.
  • Have been fingerprinted and a search made of fingerprint files for any record
  • Have been the subject of a background investigation
  • Have been tested by an oral interview panel
  • Have been the subject of a polygraph examination
  • Have not tested positive on a controlled drug screen
  • Have been examined and certified by a Council accepted method as fit to perform the duties of a probationary candidate police officer
  • Have personally certified knowledge that any falsification of any statement in the application process constitutes grounds for termination
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