Willimantic Police Department

Willimantic Police Department, Connecticut

K-9 Division

     The Willimantic Police Department K-9 Unit is currently compromised of three patrol officers/canine handlers.  Each canine team is assigned to work one of three daily eight-hour patrol shifts.  All three canine teams are certified for their assigned police patrol duties in the areas of suspect apprehension, handler protection, tracking, and several different methods of search techniques.   Additionally, all of the canine teams are crossed trained in the detection of a myriad of street drugs.  All three K9 handlers are also members of the Willimantic SWAT Team.

K-9 Division Commander


From left to right; Officer Silva with K-9 Fina, Officer Hussey with K-9 Titan, and Officer John with K-9 Sasa.

As a service to our community, North Windham Animal Hospital does a (no charge) service for the Willimantic Police Dogs.

Officer Paul Hussey and Canine "Z"

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