Willimantic Police Department

Willimantic Police Department, Connecticut

Accident Reconstruction Team

 The Willimantic Police Department Accident Reconstruction Team consists of three (3) members who have all received specialized accident reconstruction training in physics, mathematics, and vehicle dynamics as it relates to a motor vehicle crash.  This highly skilled training affords the Reconstruction Team the knowledge base to thoroughly investigate all motor vehicle crashes and to make a determination as to exactly how these crashes may have occurred. 

When a serious motor vehicle crash is reported it is the responsibility of the Patrol Commander to activate the Accident Reconstruction Team.  Members of the team will then respond to the scene of the crash day or night.  The team will then continue with the process of securing the collision scene, while taking photographs and video for mapping, as well as taking any and all measurements which may be utilized for gauging factors in the causation of the crash.  The Accident Reconstructionist may also be called upon to conduct personal backgrounds on seriously injured or deceased motor vehicle operators should the case warrant such investigation.  

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